Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pouring Gold and Silver Bars


Once you have added the alloy to the 24 karat gold you then
melt, flux, and stir the molten alloy using the procedure
mentioned previously. then pour the molten alloy into shot.
When you are ready to pour bars make sure the bar molds
are very clean. If you are going to pour into a graphite ingot
mold be sure to preheat the mold to drive off any moisture
it contains or the metal will explode when it contacts the mold.
Graphite molds will absorb water from the air so they have 
to be heated prior to pouring molten metal into them. Be
sure not to pour any boric acid or borax slag into the graphite
molds or it will stick to the mold and you will damage the
mold chipping it out... continue reading by clicking 
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